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I loved having Joy's support just a phone call away! It took the stress out of breastfeeding. She was always available to problem solve small and large issues. Sometimes I just needed reassurance that I was on the right track. I felt like I was able to avoid any major issues by having her as part of my team.


Lara L, Mom to Lincoln & Felix


When I was struggling to breastfeed my baby, I turned to Joy. After a quick phone call, she came to my house and brought comfort, skill, encouragement, and support at the exact right moment. We sat on the couch and worked on relaxation techniques and how to correctly latch my newborn. It was so comforting to have a friendly professional that really understood what I was going through and seemed like she had all day to help us. I appreciated her help so much and couldn’t have made it through without her.


Ruth F, Mom to Annika


First of all I just want to thank you so much for all of your support and guidance. I appreciate it so much. I wanted you to know how grateful I am for your support and your help. Breastfeeding is going SO well. I think it might actually be one of the things we are the best at! Our pediatrician actually let us skip our next scheduled well-baby check because Henry has already passed the weight gain mark for that check up!  And the midwife said I must be feeding him pure cream because he is so big & healthy looking, great color and so strong! So far I have fed him in the car in the parking lot at the chiropractor and on a park bench at the farmers market! Those might be my two biggest accomplishments. The tips and hints you gave me were so helpful, and were right in line with suggestions that the lactation consultant from our hospital gave me when she called me a few days after we talked. I think she thought I had some secret knowledge that I had already switched tactics even before she suggested it. I didn't tell her that I had my own private consultant. ;-)  The only reason I haven't called you again is because things are going so well.


Brit P , Mom to Henry


Thank you so much for making my learning experience enjoyable. I loved working with you – you just have this spark that makes those around you motivated and puts a smile on everyone’s face. You bring experience and evidence-based practice to the table, helping me mature in my skills. I truly feel I made the most progress during my time with you and I am so fortunate to have worked with you.


JP, NICU orientee


Dear Joy,

 Seriously, if one more person had told me Jai was a “lazy eater” I would have smacked them!   Thank you for finally figuring out what was really wrong!  To think that a little correctable thing like a lip tie could have been causing all our problems!    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all your time & patience,   and to tell you things are still going well.  It is great to finally not be in pain with each feeding!  6 full months of 100% breast milk !  It’s a victory!

S. Jai’s mom


I had a client in counseling who had conquered her initial post partum depression, but was having great separation issues as her son started weaning. I referred her to Joy, who spoke to her at length on the telephone (because of the geographical distance).


Joy provided good information and support to help this client normalize her feelings. I then received a written summary from Joy describing their work together.


Joy was flexible with scheduling, empathic, and very professional with my client. It was an important adjunct to my psychotherapy work with the client. I would not hesitate to refer more clients to her in the future.




I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t check newborns for tongue tie!  After I complained that I was uncomfortable you would think any baby nurse or pediatrician would have checked Elizabeth’s mouth!  But anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for figuring out what the real issue was!   After the clip yesterday she nursed right away (thanks for recommending our ENT doctor!) and all has gone so much better since!  It is like a totally different experience!


Anne, Mom to Liz


Just a note to say thank you. ---- The first lactation consultant I worked with was actually a little rude with me… I thought she seemed like she had other places to run off to… you didn’t waste any time, but I felt like it was because you knew what you were doing, not because you had someone else waiting to be seen.   You’ve found a way to be efficient & sweet at the same time  ☺


Emily, Mom to Kaya