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After many years of working as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) with breastfeeding Moms it became apparent that the most successful & joyful mothers were those who were encouraged by an entire extended network of passionate loving holistic support.


You’ve heard, “it takes a village”--- well, in the olden days that included your Mom, aunts & older sisters.  It included neighbors & church friends you had known all your life.  In these modern times a new mom rarely has the treasure of her extended family nearby.  Frequently she doesn’t even know her neighbors.   Honestly, I have seen some Mothers struggle by with the only help they get in the hospital, with one or two lactation consultant visits, but the ones who have been truly joyful all had much more help.  The common thread among all the truly joyful successful Moms has always been extensive support.


So, I began my quest to offer a team of support for all Moms.  I gathered together my tribe of like-minded holistic breast feeding supporters. I’ve been lucky over my years of study to discover wonderful professionals, people who I know to be heart-centered in their approach to clients. I gathered them together --- my mentors, a wonderful massage practitioner, like minded IBCLC's , people who inspire me --- and we've come up with a matrix of support to offer to new Mom's.


Yours in Health ~ Joy